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The National Open Education Resources Program is a national program that aims in enriching the educational content to support education. This program seeks to find a sustainable path to partnership and it will contribute in providing more educational opportunities for Arabic speakers. This would be achieved through partnerships with institutions and specialized entities from both the government and private sectors by opening the way for higher education faculties and teachers in public education, and interested people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to enrich the content through a well-defined process to ensure quality. For any inquiries, email us at

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SHMS Cloud is a system dedicated only to educational institutions and national companies to upload their educational, cultural or awareness resources for the purpose of characterizing and reviewing them from specialists in preparation for their adoption, evaluation, and publication at SHMS.

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The Saudi OER Network Initiative, SHMS, is the main initiative of the National Open Education Resources Program, a national platform that offers secure and reliable knowledge for all students, teachers, faculty, parents and those interested.

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